Wing Truck Function:
Wing Truck, also named wingspan van, flying wing van, double wings van, which is installed in vehicles as improvement of ordinary vans. It’s the special truck with opening both sides’ wing and back door by hydraulic device. Benefiting handling operation from two sides of van, high efficient loading and unloading, fast speed, saving time and labor force, cost saving and clean & green, wingspan truck (van) is particularly suitable for logistics bases, ports, docks, supermarket dispatching, transit center and other high automation logistics industry, also is used for film operation, stage activities, military health care.
Wing Truck Features:
After wings open, loading and unloading can be done from two sides of vans for convenience of modern logistics industry, improve transportation efficiency and low cost.
The iron corrugated board structures with thickness 0.6-1mm are used for wing truck (The framework can be made by aluminum alloy and composite materials according to clients’ requirements), reducing vehicle weight, saving fuel and reducing transportation cost.
Power section uses electro-hydraulic integrated power unit device, controlling four cylinders moving smoothly, realizing wings at two sides open and close independently without interference.
Control section uses electronic remote control device. Press the handle button (up/down) to open and close the two sides’ wings wherever standing around the vans, operated easily and simply.
The Wing Trucks are designed uniquely with reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and characteristics of rain-proof, dust-proof, sun-proof, against theft, anti-corrosion, are used widely for transportation and dispatching of paper, household appliances, clothing, chemicals, beverages, food, etc.