Winner 500-T – the small Giant

A compact loader with low tare weight, Simple and safe operation. High rationality of design technology, few wearing parts, is the ideal forfitting in vans.

The design of 500 T small giant is perfect with lifting less than 300kg. Operation is convenient and easy to learn. The materials adopted meet with high safe standard. With less wearing parts, it is used to refitted light and heavy vans and fixed on the platform. Lifts 500 kg at 1.2 metres,he use of moving pulley group , enhance several times the liftingcapacity,greatly enhance the usability.

The lightest 500T can lift 500kg at 1.2 meters. As high strength structure steel used, it can be operated steadily long hours less than 90 degree. With tapered roller bearings, it can enhance the lifting capacity several times during wide-angled wingspan and improve the usability. he key parts adopt imported nylon bushings and tapered roller bearings. The booms are made of the best highstrength steels designed for arctic conditions.

Wear resistant materials are used as key parts of main boom and extended boom. Two designs structures, artificial and hydraulic racks , are optional for 360 degree rotation of the body. It is designed double row radial bearings inside of rotation base to bear radial load rolling bears with nominal angle between 0 ° to 45 °. Also available as standard model with winch,Optional hydraulic winch. Fixed or separate stabilizer legs available as optional extra.

Equipped with trailer-mounted electric winch with standard voltage 12V or 24V, it can be used with movable pulley group, and also can be equipped with 1500kg hydraulic winch. During lifting more heavy goods, the support legs with steady gravity center can be used with hydraulic mechanical structure for customers to choose.


Loading group B2 500-T-M
负 载 力 矩 load moment tm 0.7
最大起重能力 lifting capacity at min. reach m/kg 1.2-500
最小起重能力 Lifting capacity at max. reach m/kg 2.0 – 250
回 转 角 度 Slewing angle ° 360
适用底盘高度 Height above chassis mm 805 / 960
最大起重高度 Max. lifting height above base m 3.2
电 泵 性 能 Pump performance l/min 2-3
工 作 压 力 Working pressure MPa 18.5
自 重 Weight kg 150
起重机高度 Height above chassis mm 1500
液压油储存量 Oil capacity in base l 3.5
电 压/功 率 Bequired power V 24
Amp 140